Marketing Talent has never been this easy!
Keep Talent off the bench!

Mass mail Integration

Share your hotlist to your contacts with personalized emails.

Talent Management

Create, manage and keep track of all your bench consultants.

Quick Submit

Submit your bench consultants quickly by responding to the requisition emails in your inbox!

Managing Talent

Maintain all information pertinent to your bench consultants on a single screen. Keep track of their Work authorization details, rate, skills, availability and looking for a job or if their contract is expiring.

Candidate Grouping

Group candidates into 'active' or 'inactive' status depending on their availability and eligibility to accept a position.

Publish Hotlists

Send mass emails to your vendors and contacts, publish your hotlist effectively and efficiently with a single click.

Bench Workflows

Ceipal allows you to create your own bench workflow. Or, you could always customize and configure the bench workflows.

Bench Submissions

Monitor and track the status of your bench submissions. Also, capture all bench submission details.

Market Jobs

Now all it takes to market your bench are a few clicks! Improve coordination between various teams of the company to effectively and efficiently market your bench consultants.


Bench Mapping

Map bench consultants to recruiters to streamline processes and improve productivity. Track the ongoing activity and avoid duplications.

Talent Pool

Create and manage your talent pool. Track the history and status of every consultant. Upload consultant resumes and manage as them per your needs.

Search for Jobs

Submit your bench consultants for multiple jobs on various job boards and keep track of everything within the tool.

Mobile Bench

Get a solid insight into the performance of your bench sales teams, on the go! Ceipal's TalentHire has dedicated applications developed for both Android and iOS platforms.

Monitor Performance

Gain comprehensive insights and take timely business actions anytime, anywhere.


Generate detailed, interactive and intuitive reports. Export the reports in csv or pdf - all this on the road!


Why do you have to be at your desk to share reports with your team? Share them from anywhere and everywhere!


Track the number of submissions, interviews and time on bench from just about anywhere, anytime!

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