Hiring Workflows

Having the right 'Set of Approval Workflows' in place

Now you can setup an approval workflow with multiple layers if needed, which can be completely customizable as per your organization's needs. CEIPAL TalentHire makes it possible for you to organize your resources into a systematic workflow for job requests.

  • Customized approval workflow for creating vacancies
  • Automated reminders for delayed approvals
  • Ability to set multi layered approval process
  • Get notified in time, every time
  • Easily monitor and track status of requisitions
Requisition Management

Managing Job Vacancies Simplified

TalentHire's intuitive design allows you to easily track how far a particular request has been processed. A report concerning a job request can be brought up anytime with a simple click. With just a couple clicks you can:

  • Create job templates for recurring vacancies
  • Have jobs posted automatically once approved
  • Create comprehensive reports
  • Export reports to multiple file formats
  • Configure status notifications as per need
Mobile Requisitions

Manage and create Job Requisitions on the move

Whether at work, out of the office, at home, on vacation; thanks to TalentHire's mobile app now you have the option to create and manage job requisitions on the go. CEIPAL's TalentHire has a dedicated app developed for both Android and IOS platforms.

  • Manage approvals on the move
  • Extensive functionality of core features
  • Generate and track reports with a touch
  • Accessibility through various devices
  • Multi layered security to prevent misuse

TalentHire is available for these platforms